Helping us mutually, we will obtain the freedom

(the knights' of the round table words)

  • The truth is that when I bought the motorbike, the poor thing was closer to the scrap yard than to be able to run, activity which it hadn't done for ages. 

  • I thought it was strong enough to bear anything so I started to look for a topic to personalize it. After thinking about different ideas I ended up with King Arthur legend which was a very popular topic.

  • The legend is full of myths and symbolism therefore I could find out in all means of communications possible ( the cinema, libraries, Internet, etc ) and I could come up with enough information so as to start creating the different parts of this wonderful work of art.

  • The design stage came and with the help of my old PC I managed to see how the end product could look like.

  • The thing gets difficult when I need to join the crazy shapes with the engineering. 

  • "I want that the handlebar to be the swords, but... where should the wires go?"

  •  "I don't want that those things spoil the esthetics I want to achieve... " 

  • "The fork long, will it turn?... YES !!! very Well !!! " 

  • The sculptor (Enrique L. Echeverría) creator of the dragon which is the headlight, is crazier than I, he made the dragon with its mouth opens " case I want to spit out fire... "

  • And the fire? where could I get it from?... more difficulties. 

  • In this job the most varied techniques have been applied : wood and plaster modelling, metallurgy, mechanic engineering, dressmaking and dental mechanics. 


Daniel Gerardo Echeverria



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I welcome you, to the Excalibur site, a special horse of battles, created for the amusement of all people what wish to see it, and mine. Making a trip of 14 centuries, we could say that, more than motorcycle, is a personage that represent one of the nurtured legends in the world history that has given topic to infinitude books, movies and games. I thank you their visit and I invite you to rove this castle... I hope you enjoy. Moto Excalibur Bike Motorcycle Custom Rare strange Personalizada Rey Arturo King Arthur Sword Os doy la bienvenida cortesanos, a la página de MOTO EXCALIBUR. Un caballo de batallas especial, creado para el entretenimiento de todos los mortales que pueden acceder a verlo, y del mío propio. Haciendo un viaje de ida y vuelta recorriendo 14 siglos, podríamos decir que, más que una motocicleta, es un personaje que representa a una de las leyendas más nutridas de la historia mundial, que ha dado tema a infinidad de libros, películas y obras de teatro, para grandes y chicos. Os agradezco su visita, y os invito a recorrer las estancias de este castillo, que por supuesto... espero disfruteis. Daniel G. Echeverria ........ jesse james ... no ... vini ... no ... arlen ness ... no ... corbin ... menos ... lo hizo panza