Owner:      Daniel G. Echeverría

City:        Rosario - Argentina

Design, Construction and Assemble:      Owner

Year & Make:      '79 KAWASAKI 1000 LTD

Time:       2.250 Hours

Finished:     Never

Engine:     Std. 86 H.P. @ 8000 R.P.M.

Type:    DOHC 4 cylinders, 5 speeds, air-cooled, 1015 cc.

Rebuilder:    owner

Chassis refformer:    owner

Castor:    56º

Height Stretching:    +2.4 in.

Overall length:    102.3 in.

Overall width:   33.5 in.

Ground clearance:   6.1 in.

Min.turning radius:    140 in.

Dry weigh:   612 lbs.

Electric system:   owner

System flamethrower:    owner


Front:    21' aluminium

Tire:     DUNLOP 80/90 - 21

Brake: XR 600 enduro

Rear:   16' alloy, steel covers

Tire:   AVON 150/80 v16

Brake:   double caliper - 900 CB-F Honda (forwards)

Special features:

FX  (flame):   owner

Bronze:   46 Lbs. fused and old pieces

Models to fuse:   owner

Iron rivets:   472 positions by hand

Seat:   owner

Headlight:   Dragon in white quebracho with bronze teeth: Enrique Echeverría

Power:   2 x 50w

Auxiliary brass light:   2 x 20w

Taillight:   Celtic Cross

Handlebar:   Swords, owner

Paint lowers:    Epoxi of high hardness

Paint high:    not paint, you guess

Front forks:    Wideglide 300mm. Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88 +1.5º 1100 x 41 mm. Cartridge system

Back suspension:   900 CB-F Honda reinforced

Cost:  Wow !!!

Materials - Make a note of: 2 cloth meters for dance dress, 6 tickets to cinema, 4 books related the topic, several buttons, 6 Lbs. of hard plaster, 221 hours of doubts, boat speaker, cloth for purses, lac for wooden floors for external, 4450 blond cigarettes of several marks, 1326 Parisiennes (black cigarettes french), 196 bottles of Coke, 12 JB, 18 Blenders Pride whiskey, 1 whiskey of doubtful mark, 32 frustrations, 642 burgers (128 with egg, 2 without mayonnaise), 394 internet hours, mark for picture of 2 x 3 inch., "alginato" that the dentists use for the false dentures, strass, fornitures for necklaces, rubber rings, a divorce.



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La moto Excalibur de Daniel Echeverria Custom Art - Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina -Copyright © 2003 - Esta página se actualizó por última vez el Martes, 25 de Octubre de 2016.

I welcome you, to the Excalibur site, a special horse of battles, created for the amusement of all people what wish to see it, and mine. Making a trip of 14 centuries, we could say that, more than motorcycle, is a personage that represent one of the nurtured legends in the world history that has given topic to infinitude books, movies and games. I thank you their visit and I invite you to rove this castle... I hope you enjoy. Moto Excalibur Bike Motorcycle Custom Rare strange Personalizada Rey Arturo King Arthur Sword Os doy la bienvenida cortesanos, a la página de MOTO EXCALIBUR. Un caballo de batallas especial, creado para el entretenimiento de todos los mortales que pueden acceder a verlo, y del mío propio. Haciendo un viaje de ida y vuelta recorriendo 14 siglos, podríamos decir que, más que una motocicleta, es un personaje que representa a una de las leyendas más nutridas de la historia mundial, que ha dado tema a infinidad de libros, películas y obras de teatro, para grandes y chicos. Os agradezco su visita, y os invito a recorrer las estancias de este castillo, que por supuesto... espero disfruteis. Daniel G. Echeverria ........ jesse james ... no ... vini ... no ... arlen ness ... no ... corbin ... menos ... lo hizo panza