The sword looks for the stone...                                                           BACK

A few years ago I started a journey.  I thought it was just another journey throughout some new lands, but somehow it changed not only the way I feel and think but also my goals in life...for good.

I started only with a bunch of steel and some basic tools… a
medieval Blacksmith, just watching the time pass by while our country was suffering one of the worst economic crisis during De la Rua ´s mandate (not very happy president in Argentina). During this period  I have developed my building skills and my taste for motorcycles.

It took me almost three years to finish the work, inspired by the most
strange muses, wandering between legends and places I had never known of.

But how  did I came up with that idea, why that theme?
I guess that was just my glorious discover why that strucking force was giving me the inner strength to change my so called ordinary life to start this epic voyage.

Having my work finished, I decided to travel from Rosario to the core of this project, always encouraged by an invisible strenght, that turned my life up side down. From the end of the world to the heart of medieval times…inspired by a magic memory, like the one of the salmons, travelling thousands of miles just to get to the start.

So Camelot, here I come…and I am certain
that somewhere in England I will find you.

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